New Site Design!

It seems like every year I find myself doing a complete overhaul on this website. What matters is if it's for good reason; redesigning your online identity is not something to take lightly.

So why did I do it? Well, let's first take a look at what it was.

I don't know about you, but I think it was rather horrible. As you can see, along with a complete overhaul I also made a few tweaks to the logo and have solidified my brand. The changes made were done after careful consideration and I hope you will agree, it has made visiting this site more enjoyable than it was.

Over the next few months I plan on adding a fair amount of content as we are now entering my favorite time of the year. Between the changing in the leaves and the glistening snow, to the pure enjoyment I find in the upcoming holidays, the next six months can easily keep me busy and I look forward to sharing my journey.

Welcome to Chris Snyder Photography.